C – Chocolate               C – Cakes / Croissant
A – Amazing                  A – Amandines / Amandin
N – Nougat                    T – Toppings / Tort
D – Delicious
Y – Yummy

Yummy….I have never thought that I will say this about cookies because they never represented a temptation for me, or maybe I did not chose the appropriate place where I could try what everybody calls a culinary pampering.

Recently, it was the birthday of one of my colleagues, and, as in the case of any name day, he thought to pamper his female colleagues with delicious cookies. The plate with cookies was put right on my desk. At the first sight, I noticed the aspect of the cookies…. they were very beautiful arranged and I simply could not resist the temptation and I said …. “I should try one, they look too good!”. So, I chose a very dainty cookie, even now I remember perfectly the way it looked like, and its taste, and … the cream, caramel topping with nuts above, so careful arranged. It was love at first sight for my taste buds which have never been so well-pleased by a cookie! In the euphoria of the moment, I said … “I have to choose an amandine….and a mini – rum-baba, the one that winks at me, and this éclair which entices me with chocolate with cream which seems to be prepared 5 minutes ago”.

I have to admit the fact that the only cookie which represented a temptation for me since I was child, was the rum-baba … and now I eat them with the same pleasure, even if some of my friends make jokes saying that from all delicious cookies which were invented …. I prefer the rum-baba, the communist cookie, as they call it. But the rum-baba I ate that day was …. something else. It was better than everything I knew about the perfect rum-baba. My taste buds were again pampered that day, a rum-baba with syrup, adequately sweet, cream with such a natural taste and the red topping (my favorite part of the rum-baba) made me say again …. Yummy! Now, I was not only enjoying it, I was aggressively eating, with appetite, and after I have devastated the plate with its delicious content, I decided to find out everything about the confectionery which produced all those delicious sweets. I also had an additional reason: soon it was going to be the birthday of very good friend from my childhood! So, this is the way I discovered Candy Cat confectionery, and the pink playful cat, its emblem.

Looking in the Candy Cat products catalogue, I noticed some cakes which looked absolutely delicious!. Then, I found out that I have the possibility to customize the cake as I wish. Any idea seems to be possible to accomplish. I thought event to make fun of my friend, and to prepare him a cake with his picture, or with my picture. A benefit is represented by the fact that you can make all these online, Candy Cat being the only confectionery in Bucharest which offers this facility to its clients.

I chose the cake. A big cake …very big, of chocolate, arranged with cherries and cream, with a picture of the dream car of my best friend, an Aston Martin. I thought that this is better! He was very impressed by my choice and we were a little afraid to start eating the cake or to take a ride with the car. Finally we made courage and started eating the cake. It was the best cake I have ever eaten! The way it looked like, its design and taste, perfectly combined with the flavor that started to spread in the entire house, made us to eat more than we proposed to.

I remained faithful to the candy cat products and I missed no opportunity to share tham with my close persons. Even if it didn’t seem always to be good idea. Sometimes I wanted to eat them alone. Couldn’t I enjoy alone my very important discovery? In fact no. It would have been a pity. Sometimes a shared joy becomes bigger.

Candy Cat pink cat cares also about the parsons who are on a diet or suffer from diabetes, in the catalogue existing a special section for them. The kitten has prepared special delicious products for them, which observe the standard of the National Institute of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, “Prof. Dr. N. C. Paulescu” in Bucharest.

Candy Cat found solutions also for the persons who prefer more salty products. The pasties with cheese, mushrooms or meat are delicious! I want to let you think if it is more adequately to talk about mini-pasties, saltine crackers, pies….Or maybe you want a Romanian traditional cake, made based on the grandmother recipe? No problem, Candy Cat offers the flavor of this famous delicacy. And there is more: I trust again the Romanian confectionery products 100%. Mmmm ….. have I told you that the ingredients are 100% natural? This is why they offer us such a delicious and fresh taste. Yummy! I also have to tell you something else: go to any candy Cat confectionery. After the first product you eat, come, and we will talk again!