The “Pharmacy of the heart” Catena – 16 years together with the Romanians

In 1999, when the Romanian group Fildas started the brand Catena, the mission was to offer the Romanians a network of pharmacies that would do more than sell drugs, they would offer the patients professional advice and recommendations for a wide variety of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, dermatocosmetics,  natural remedy and nutrition products. A network of pharmacies that will stand together with the Romanians and would reach their hearts.

In the 16 years of operation, Catena – an authentic Romanian brand – managed to become the largest and most loved network of pharmacies from Romania, with more than 550 units at a national level, serving millions of patient and thus fully contributing to the main mission of Fildas – to promote Health in Romania. As such, 1 in 4 Romanians currently shops at Catena – according to a qualitative study conducted by the Research and consultancy company Exact in July 2015.

The “Pharmacy of the heart” is the “Pharmacy of all Romanians”, offering prompt answers to their needs, and at the same time reaching very important criteria for the Catena brand, like proximity, good prices and a wide variety of products. These were just some of the reasons why patients voted repeatedly for Catena as the “Preferred pharmacy of the Romanians” or the pharmaceutical brand they trust the most.

And indeed, nothing would have been possible without the trust that Catena received, all this time, from the tens of millions of people that visited it. A trust earned in time which crowned the desire Catena had to always be a pharmacy close to the people – both by the permanent development of the pharmacy network, and by the social actions, informing campaigns and offers for a wide variety of products, meant to prevent the most common diseases and promote a healthy life style.

Catena rewarded each year the fidelity of its patients with attractive prizes offered during the campaigns that became a tradition.

And now, after 16 years, Catena offers another sign of its gratitude: A discount of 16% for prescriptions for seniors and students that have fidelity cards. The new Catena campaign supports again its patients, its loyal customers.

And all this because “If you have next to you the right one, age is just a number”, Catena – regardless of the number of years it celebrates – offers to its clients, permanently, the highest level of services.