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Slab sau Gras is the first monthly magazine about diets, recipes and nutrition, being dedicated to all people who understood that the balanced diet and regular physical activity represent the ideal solution for a good health, both at physical and mental level. Our team drafts the articles based on the information offered and verified by specialists in nutrition, gastronomy, medicine, sports and other related fields. is the website which teaches you to lose weight, and, more than that, it is an online publication which offers you advice about an intelligent and correct diet, promoting, at the same time, the physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. The site addresses women and men, no matter their age, who must face different problems related to their physical aspect, proposing diets, alternative therapies, training methods and culinary recipes for all types of silhouette. Additionally, the stars offer to the readers their recipes for the maintenance of the silhouette. Also through this site, the visitor can subscribe to newsletter and can receive, on a weekly basis, the newest information.