Anca Vlad graduated from “C.A. Rosetti” High School in Bucharest – the English class. In grade XI she discovered a new passion: economy. The teacher that taught this subject guided her to follow this line. In 1975, Anca Vlad enters the Academy of Economic Studies – Department of International Economic Relations. She started to build her career since the end of college. Because she knew English very well, she worked as a guide and translator.

In 1980, due to very good results at her graduation exam, she was distributed in Bucharest, at a company in the wood industry – today’s Silvarom.

The work experience gained in seven years while she worked in the export of furniture – as chief of export department would help Anca Vlad in the next steps of her professional life. “My first mentor was Andrei Menhardt, my director at that time and today’s director of Silvarom,” said Anca Vlad. In 1987 I had the opportunity to work at the Chamber of Commerce as country manager for a large foreign company – SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals from England.

She started her first business in 1990, at the age of 33, with the opening of private sector in Romania. It was the first marketing services company in Romania, launched immediately after a decree issued by the state allowing people to set-up their own businesses. The first customer came after six months. “It happened to be a representative of a foreign company for which I worked. After a while, I decided to set up a company to take over distribution of pharmaceutical products

This is how I started Fildas Trading srl. The company registered the most spectacular growth rate – from a turnover of 1.5 million dollars in 1991 and just a few employees to a total group turnover over of 300 million dollars and 1,500 employees today. Currently, Fildas Group ranks among the first in the industry.

Fildas currently owns two pharmaceutical customs warehouses, one in Bucharest and one in Pitesti. It has 13 branches in the country and over 5,000 clients. In 1998, we created the retail part by acquiring a company that had a network of 60 pharmacies and a warehouse in Pitesti. Nowadays, this network has over 200 pharmacies in almost all counties, under Catena brand. Following the success with the distribution of medicines, Fildas continues to expand on market by distributing cosmetics and nutritional supplements.

In 2005 Fildas Group created a new brand – Naturalis which comprises cosmetics, nutritional supplements and herbal care.

But as the biggest challenge of today in Romania remains media, Anca Vlad launched in September 2008 SENSOTV.RO. online television. This portal contains a segment which develops the concepts implemented first in Fildas, then in Catena and our monthy magazines Tonica, Faemacia Ta, Galenus, Slab sau Gras and Fildas Art Foundation: health, beauty, balance and harmony with yourself and the rest world through cultural and social involvement. SENSOTV.RO currently covers areas offering information about art and urban culture, health, social life and lifestyle.

How did she manage to build a top business? – “The greatest asset of the company is trust. In fact, it is also our motto. It is a company where the relationship between us, our suppliers and our clients is based primarily on trust. We have a very good reputation in Romanian and international market and this is due to the education I received at school and in the companies I worked for, “said Anca Vlad. She built her business career with effort and perseverance, working full days, from morning till evening.

She is currently involved in the strategy and the marketing of FILDAS Group so that it develops at the same pace as before. Now Anca Vlad manages to have time for other stuff too, old desires of hers.

She is present all the time in the social and cultural life of the country through Fildas Art Foundation that she founded and which has developed several projects to promote the Romanian artists. The project “European Bridges” aims to highlight the creative female segment, from the first manifestations up to the present, emphasizing the ongoing contacts it had and still has with creative women artists from all over Europe. This project follows the relationships and the evolution of the interferences between the Romanian and European contemporary female fine artists.

For the national prestige she sponsored the creative camp “European Bridges” which takes place every year at Eforie Sud, national and international exhibitions, being the owner of the brand “European Bridges”. Under this aegis, she organized large artistic events both in Sibiu, and Paris, Constanta, Cluj, Berlin and Bucharest.
In 2009, for example, Foundation Fildas Art “together with the Romanian Association of Creative Women in fine art and the International Cultural Women Federation, organized the 54th International Exhibition of Contemporary Feminine Art. After the opening of the exhibition, the exhibiting artists were invited to attend a creative workshop for 11 days, entitled “Eternal Feminine”, held in South Eforie.

Her passion for art, for all that’s nice and valuable has been transmitted by another important person in her life. “During college I admired the works of the painter Margaret Sterian. I worked as a guide, in order to raise money in order to buy paintings of the artist. I had the chance to meet her. She was 90 years old, but with a rare youthful thinking. We were friends until the end. She meant a lot to me, “says Anca Vlad.

Anca Vlad was one of the very few Romanian women, even from Eastern Europe, selected by the International Association of Women Entrepreneurs – “Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World”, along with Veronica Savanciuc, Georgiana Pogonaru and Mariuca Talpes.

She was honored with two awards by VIP magazine and Actualitatea Muzicala. She is also the honorary president of the Romanian Association of Creative Women.

In September 2004, she received the Gold Medal for Excellence in Business Practice, as part of the 4th International Forum for Excellence in Business Practice, held in Geneva. In 2004 and 2005, she got first in the top of successful women published by Capital magazine

In 2005 the company Fildas was nominated by Europe Business Assembly (EBA), Oxford – England, for the prize “The best company in Europe,” as a recognition of the company’s achievements and its outstanding contributions to the progress of Central and Eastern Europe”. At that time, Anca Vlad received from the Institute of Directors – London – the Manager of the Year title. On December 8, 2005 she was awarded the prize “Successful Investor’s Vocation” by Balkans magazine. Also, since 2005 Anca Vlad was elected vice president of the Romanian Businessmen’ Association (AOAR). In February 2006 she received from Alegro Foundation the award “The Promise of the Year” for Senso Tv. In 2008 she was elected vice president of the National Confederation of Romanian Patronates (CNPR).

As an ambassador of the Romanian women entrepreneur, Anca Vlad actively participated in events organized by various institutions in Bucharest, New York, Pretoria, Bangkok and Tirana. She involved in promoting the country’s image abroad by financing an extensive report on Romania in the International Herald Tribune, edition of July 20, 2007.

Her joys are given by her family, the greatest achievement was her two children, Alexandru and Catrinel, which form a courageous team, full of ideas. The holidays in amusement parks and museums are her favorite leisure opportunities.

“Romania is a country with a huge human potential” is the title of an interview she had with Fortune magazine.