An expected book: Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg – Women, work and the will to lead

During the book festival Bookfest, that will take place at Romexpo during 20-24 may 2015, Litera publishing house will launch one of the most important books of this year – Lean In –Women, work and the will to lead. It is a bestseller authored by Sheryl Sandberg, the operations manager of Facebook, being considered an exciting read for the women that want a successful career, and for the men that want to better understand the contemporary business world from the perspective of their coworkers and partners.

The book has a foreword by Anca Vlad, one of the most successful entrepreneurs from Romania, and she knows, better than most, probably, the status of the career woman in the modern society. “We can not ignore the differences between the sexes, but they must be accepted and overcome. The equality is long overdue and we women must be the ones to achieve it. In every government, in every industry, there is a need for women as close as possible to the top of the pyramid. The support of men is essential – because they must have their part of the involvement in the family, to free some of the time of the women – but the society must also encourage them to do so. (…) With passion and determination we can change things!”, is how Anca Vlad shows her conviction on the foreword of the book.

Take a step forward!

Without being a radical feminist, Sheryl Sandberg tries with this book to set aside the prejudiced opinions regarding the life and choices of working women, offering practical advice on how to effectively manage their career and combine their professional success with personal achievement, showing, at the same time, to the men how to better support their partners, so that they both can win. A brave and encouraging impulse toward a better world.

“Sheryl offers practical advice regarding the management and overcoming of challenges that occur when climbing the career ladder. Lean In is a fascinating read, spiritual and full of significance for the women (and men) from all generations. (Condoleezza Rice, former state secretary of the USA)

Lean In joins Sheryl’s ability for compiling information with her skill in getting the best from people. The book will help all readers – especially the men – to become better leaders and more effective.” (Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO Facebook)

The book launch will take place on Saturday, May 23rd, starting with 17:00, at the stand of Litera publishing, from the Romexpo pavilion, and will be attended by Anca Vlad, and she will also give a speech.

Sheryl Sandberg announced that she donates all her revenue from the sale of this book to the Lean In foundation, a non-profit organization that encourages women to follow their ambitions, and other organizations that help women.