Anca Vlad: female entrepreneurship

Anca Vlad is the founder of the first company with fully private capital in the local pharmaceutical industry.

For the owner of Fildas Catena Group, the difficulties of the crisis were finally overcome last year, with the reduction of the bank credit of the company, from 80 million euros in 2007 to 35 million euros in 2013. The turnover grew in 2013 with over 10% compared to the market growth, Fildas Trading thus reaching over 280 million euros, while its net profit reached 8.4 million euros. Catena pharmacy chain now counts over 500 units.

Anca Vlad began her career at Silvarom, a company that exports furniture, then, she became an executive in Smithkline Beecham’s Romania until de Revolution, when she opened an office of marketing consultancy. Subsequently, beginning with the foundation of Fildas, the first company with fully private capital in the local pharmaceutical industry, the businesswoman entered the pharmaceutical industry. In 1999, the retail part was created, through the procurement of Farmaceutica Argesfarm.

The entrepreneur is part of the Fildas Group board, as an owner, and mainly deals in the company with the marketing area. Among the good things that occured on the market in 2013, she notices the gradual lowering of the terms in which the invoices issued by the pharmacies towards CNAS are paid. On the other hand, in 2013, it was proved one more time that the main investors interested in the Romanian market are the Romanian entrepreneurs. Anca Vlad believes that another problem remains that of communication between the public area and the private area, a fact that could have a positive influence upon the economic growth.

The businesswoman also has numerous projects in the area of arts protection, through the Fildas Art Foundation, and in supporting the feminine entrepreneurship, being one of the few women in the Eastern Europe included in the organization Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World. She is also one of the most influential women in Romania, according to top Forbes Romania. As she confessed in an interview for Forbes Romania, her personal investment has always been the knowledge, and the development through art has brought her the greatest satisfactions.

This year, the owner of Fildas has bought a house of historical value in Bucharest, in order to transform it in a Museum of Pharmacy. The house belonged to the family of doctor Paulescu, the scientist that discovered the insulin.

2014, Forbes Romania