Capital Magazine: The “ingredients” of Anca Vlad’s success

If in the field of politics, the number of women who build a successful career is steep, the situation is quite different in the business environment. And the fact that women can do business just as men is proven by the entrepreneur Anca Vlad, who own the Fildas-Catena group, states the business magazine Capital. 

“The differences between business men and women are quite significant. The approach is different, and women tend to think in a more future-based manner. There, at the horizon, there are more risks than in the near future”, states Anca Vlad briefly, according to the journalists from Capital magazine.

In order to have an even clearer idea about the role women have today in business, Anca Vlad states that in the social and health sectors there is a percentage of female entrepreneurs of 64%, over the European average of 58%, as per the publication. And Romania ranks 5th pace in the European union in what concerns the weighting of women in the liberal professions and 8th place in what concerns management positions held in companies of over ten employees, with a national average of 41% compared to the European average of 35%.

“Thus, a positive perspective seems to appear, in what concerns female entrepreneurship and management, which we would like to see doubled by a similar evolution in the political environment, where the female presence is reduces. Specialists state that the lack of critical female mass in politics makes them copy the male behavior. This is why confrontation in thinking patterns and issue management is diminished, which does not benefit the development of efficient public policies”, continues Anca Vlad, quoted by Capital magazine.

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The article was also published in the print edition of Top 100 Successful women, 2017 edition, in which Anca Vlad was granted first place in the “Entrepreneurship” category.