Cardiovascular conditions, main cause for morbidity and death

The cardiovascular conditions represent the main cause for morbidity and mortality in Romania and in Europe, declared dr. Camelia Diaconu on Thursday, on the occasion of the launching of the campaign “The healthy heart can love more”.

She also mentioned in a press conference that in Europe over four million deaths are registered annually, underlining that, at the same time, an early diagnosis can reduce the incidence of the morbidity and mortality. The main cardiovascular conditions are hypertension, ischaemic heart disease, heart failure.

In her turn, the cardiologist Alexandra Grigorescu explained that premature deaths caused by heart conditions may be reduced with up to 80% if the risk factors were reduced, namely, hypertension, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, smoking, obesity and sedentary lifestyle. In Europe and in the whole world 17 million people die annually, every second a person dies from a heart condition, and every six seconds a stroke is signaled, says dr. Grigorescu. She also added that in Romania the death rate by cardiovascular conditions represent 61% of the total number of deaths.

Prof. dr. Mioara Dorobantu points out that, according to a study, 40% of the population suffers from hypertension, over 50% of the hypertensives are not aware that they suffer from this condition and do not have an adequate treatment, 46% suffer from dyslipidemia, 5% from type 2 diabetes and 14% present an altered glucose tolerance.

Romania was ranked third in Europe, in 2009, as far as the cardiovascular conditions were concerned, being outrun only by Russia and Bulgaria. In 2010, according to the first data, Romania seems to be ranking fourth.

In her turn, the nutritionist Corina Zugravu pointed out the importance of the nutrition in cardiovascular conditions, mentioning that stress influences our cardiovascular system. “What is important is how much we eat and what we eat. Nutrition is not a medicine. It can help us prevent or slow down the evolution of a heart condition. The most important thing is to maintain our normal weight”, said Zugravu.

She explained that at a larger weight the heart “works” in excess and this affects her. “The most important thing is to reduce the salt, the animal fat and to eat food rich in fitonutrients, fibers, antioxidants. The excessive salt intake is a risk factor for hypertension and it is strongly recommended that we intake no more than five grams of salt per day. In fact, people intake 10-20 grams. (…). An important role is played by omega 3 and omega 6, which can be found in the ocean fish, in nuts, seeds and oleaginous fruit, explained Zugravu.

In February, Catena pharmacy chain launched the health and social responsibility program “The healthy heart can love more”.

The founder of the program, Anca Vlad, stressed that the purpose of this campaign is to meet the citizens’ needs, to help them change their lifestyle in order to be able to control the potential heart conditions and to improve their quality of life.

Anca Vlad also added that the program is part of the campaign with the same name launched last year. The program will unfold in the period February-April 2010 and includes free blood pressure checks, professional advice offered in Catena pharmacies, special discounts at the nutritional supplements for preventive purposes and the distribution of 300,000 brochures about the cardiovascular conditions in pharmacies, health centers and family physician practices.

Moreover, debates and reunions on this topic will be organized, events which will be attended by representatives of the medical community and of the patients, of the Government, of the Parliament, and of the press.

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