Catena, awarded a prize at the Bursa Gala “Invingatorii Crizei 2008-2015” (“Victors of the Crisis 2008-2015”)

The companies registering profit as they came out of the financial crisis were awarded prizes within the BURSA Gala “Invingatorii Crizei 2008-2015” (“Victors of the  Crisis 2008-2015”) The analysts of the BURSA newspaper selected the companies which, over the years 2008-2015 registered profit, a turnover of more than 500,000 EUR, solvency of more than one, and no debt to the state. Within the BURSA Gala, the companies chosen by the public as victors of the crisis were also awarded prizes, following the voting taken on the website. Catena was also among these, winning detachedly in the Pharmaceutical Sector. “I would like thank the organizers, everyone who voted for us and gave us the opportunity to be here”, said Alina Marinescu, General Manager Catena. “I want to thank the team, which is ever stronger, being made up of professionals who face all challenges. Dear colleagues, thank you!” Sorin Chirculescu, Marketing Manager Catena and Aurelia Babinciuc, National Sales Manager Catena, were also present at the Gala organized with the Bursa Newspaper and with the Committee for the Budget, Finance and Banks from the Chamber of Deputies.

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