The Forbes Magazine conducted a classification of the wealthiest women in the country

The richest woman in Romania is Veronica Dragan, the heiress of her husband’s wealth, the late Iosif Constantin Dragan, who conducted himself the top of the wealthiest Romanians. We are talking about an amount of approximately 450 million euros, according to the calculations of Forbes.

On the second place we see Camelia and Corina Voiculescu. Dan Voiculescu’s daughters posses a fortune estimated at 300 million euros. On the third place, we find Anca Vlad, the owner of the Fildas companies group, who earned 85 million euros.

The first outside the podium is Camelia Sucu, a businesswoman whose net value amounts to 70 million euros, which was obtained as a result of the luxury furniture company Class Mob’s activity. The lady who occupies the 5th position in the top of the wealthiest women has a fortune of 40 million euros. We are talking about Stefania Florian, the wife of a Spanish businessman who lives together with her spouse in the Iberian Peninsula.

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