Anca Vlad, PIAROM: “Small and very small salaries represent the revenues of over 80% of the population”

“There are very many inequalities between our country’s developmental regions”, warned Anca Vlad, founding president of the Romanian Investor Employers’ Association (PIAROM), who declared: “I am much more uneasy now than I was before, concerning the short-term development possibilities. I knew, pretty much, about these inequalities, and I thought they could be settled by general development, however, this issue can only be settled by a front-end approach and specifically for every area.”

Within the presentation of a study regarding the workforce, Mrs Vlad brought to attention the fact the remuneration of the workforce is as follows, according to the data of 2016: 41.5% of total employees are granted a gross income of less than RON 1,350. According to the above-mentioned figures, in Vrancea 60.47% of the employees have such a revenue, which is “below the subsistence level”, in Maramures – 59.06%, in Harghita – 57.95%, in Suceava – 57.84%, and in Teleorman – 56.47%. “It is hard to accept”, said Mrs Vlad, adding that these are “realities”, as well as “opportunities” for the SMEs, since the entrepreneurs can find inexpensive workforce.

Anca Vlad also indicated that only 18.5% of the (full-time) employment agreements in our country have a gross value of more than RON 2,700, a level representing the average salary. “It is about the polarizing of revenues. “Small and very small salaries represent the revenues of over 80% of the population”, remarked the representative of PIAROM, stating as follows: “The most alarming information concerns the structure of the workforce, which incurs the fact that the number of contracts for unskilled workers grew by 8% in the years 2015-2016.”

“Accelerated growth is ascertained concerning the rate of unskilled workers, in relation to an alarming drop in the rate of skilled professions and specialists,” according to Mrs Vlad, who emphasized: “We have lost 8% of the super-skilled employment agreements: physicians, teachers, engineers. Very many economists are retiring, new ones do not emerge on the market. This means that, in the hundreds of thousands of companies that we have, and in the tens of thousands being established every year, we have no economists who can deal with the health of companies. We cannot, then, be surprised by the bankruptcies and by the other issues brought about by start-ups”.

Mrs Vlad also brought to attention the situation of the Classification of Occupations in Romania (COR), noting that the reduction of some occupations is in order, as well as the introduction of others in the list, to the purpose of updating it according to the requirements on the labour market.