Anca Vlad, the creator of the largest pharmaceutical group in Romania

“During the pandemic, Fildas has made donations of more than 2.6 million euros. We have received heartfelt thanks from the beneficiaries, and this translated into a huge professional and personal satisfaction, at the same time.”


In 1991, on the freshly capitalist market of Romania, Fildas Trading SRL was born, with seven employees and a turnover of 1.5 million dollars after the first year. The founder is Anca Vlad, who tells us which are the most important things when you manage such a big company in such an important industry. “In any field, the biggest challenge is represented by understanding it, not only from a managerial and economic point of view, but also from a technical one”, has declared Anca Vlad for Capital magazine. She improved her chemistry and anatomy knowledge, has read entire volumes of pharmacologyin order to be up-to-date with the information essential for a distributor of medicines. For this reason, she recommends young entrepreneurs to constantly perfect themselves, including from a technical point of view. In her vision, this condition is the path towards success, because every business partner is extremely observant of who knows and who understands profoundly the field in which it operates.

The biggest challenge of her career was the crisis in 2009, when it was confirmed for her that a sudden increase of a business, based on loans, can always be annulled by an economical recession. On the other hand, a solid business, correctly organized, is the one that survives numerous challenges that a company goes through over time.

For the Fildas-Catena group, the recipe for success was and it seriousness and continuous development. For this reason, the patients know the moment they enter any Catena pharmacy that they will receive a professional advice and a solution offered with a sense of responsibility.

Continuous and carefully planned development

Among the most important projects of the Group, in the last period, we can name the expansion and modernization of the storage spaces in Bucharest, but also the construction of new warehouses in Craiova, Constanta and Satu-Mare. The increase of the distribution capacity, improvement of technology and digitalization are the main directions of development of the company. The President of Fildas-Catena is proud of the team she leads, because it showed responsibility and involvement in helping people during these trying times. When the pandemic started, it was necessary to rapidly find sanitizers and protection masks, even if their prices increased ten or more times. The Group has auctioned for protection masks, being in competition with companies from other countries, these being essential both for the patients of Catena and the members of the Fildas-Catena team.

One of the main worries were the safety and health of employees, whom had to be protected of a potential contact with infected persons and whom where exposed to the new coronavirus. “With all difficulties, our colleagues stayed put, encouraged each other and overcame an unprecedented situations”, has declared Anca Vlad.

During the pandemic, Fildas Trading has made donation of more than 2.6 million euros destined for the sanitary personnel, directly in the front line and for the most vulnerable social categories. The anti-COVID-19 protection materials, such as masks, equipment or sanitizers have reached more than 150 hospitals in the country, and the rest 113 other institutions engaged in the fight against the pandemic.

In her free time, her main hobby is her involvement in promoting art. She is very proud that she managed to fulfill an older dream this year: printing 200.000 copies of coloring books, through which the works of Luchian and Grigorescu may reach the children. The most powerful business woman from Romania considers that a creation, regardless if it is business or art, must be made with love and passion. In her vision, a successful woman is fulfilled when she manages to balance the professional life with the personal life. Then she will become more powerful, more confident and more organized.