FILDAS and CATENA appointed TRUE LEADERS 2016 by ICAP Romania

On the occasion of the “TRUE LEADERS” ceremony organized by ICAP Romania, the top companies from Romania which managed to stand out in 2016 by means of the simultaneous fulfillment of four objective criteria were awarded:

  • Among the first 500 companies in Romania based on profitability (EBITDA for 2016)
  • Increase of the number of employees (2016 versus 2015)
  • Low credit risk (ICAP Credit Score from A1 to B2)
  • Leaders in their industry

Winner and leader of the pharmaceuticals industry, FILDAS Trading was named TRUE LEADER with an EBIDTA of 114 million RON, with an increase of the number of employees of 9% and an ICAP A2 rating. CATENA HYGEIA is a TRUE LEADER, with an EBIDTA of 27 million RON, an increase of the number of employees of 14% and an ICAP A2 rating. Noteworthy is the fact that las year, FILDAS Trading was a TRUE LEADER for the year 2015.

FILDAS Trading and CATENA HYGEIA were represented at the ceremony by two of the Group’s top managers, Lavinia Heihal and Adriana Parvu.

The event was moderated by Virgil Iantu, and the hosts were Nikitas Konstantellos, President & CEO ICAP Group and Alexandra Predeanu, Country Manager ICAP Romania. The guest list included also Paula Pirvanescu, State Secretary, Ministry for Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship, who spoke about the „Business environment situation in Romania”, the „Business Review” team – Foreign Investor Award, with Ovidiu Posirca, Senior Editor, alongside tens of business people, chairmen and managers of large companies, the majority of whom were winners at the „True Leaders” Award granting Gala for the year 2016.

ICAP Romania is a member of ICAP Group, the most important business information group in South-East Europe and one of the few companies in Europe accredited by the European Securities and Markets Authority as a „Credit Rating Agency”.

The ICAP rating presents an estimation of the crediting capacity of companies, in what concerns their ability to reimburse and/or the risk of bankruptcy in a one year time horizon. This estimation is based on the analysis of commercial financial and trading information available at official sources and also based on the comparison of the assessed company with those companies activating in the relevant field.