GALA of the Annual Awards of the magazine „Actualitatea Muzicala”

The XXVI Gala of Awards for the year 2015 of the magazine “Actualitatea Muzicala” issued by “Uniunea Compozitorilor si Muzicologilor din Romania” was hosted in the amphitheater of the Cantacuzino Palace, National Museum George Enescu. A lot of personalities of the musical world, culture, art or show biz – singers, writers, poets, were present at these event hosted by Adrian Iorgulescu, President of UCMR, George Balint, lead editor for Actualitatea Muzicala, Prof. Dr. Mihai Cosma and Octavian Ursulescu, editors.

During this event, Anca Vlad, the President of the Foundation FILDAS Art and President of FILDAS and CATENA Group will donate to the Uniunea Compozitorilor si Muzicologilor din Romania a bronze bust of the great composer George Enescu. The work is signed by the sculptor Ion Dimitriu Barlad, grandfather of the famous singer Margareta Paslaru and was created in 1919. That year, when he finished this work, the artist, seeking sanctuary in Iasi, was stationed with the Joint Chiefs of Staff (after following the courses of the Military Infantry School from Bucharest), but he was also about to open his first personal exhibition in Bucharest, in the Mozart room, a room that during that time represented the official recognition as an artist.

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