Romanian Investor Employers’ Association – Survey on workforce analysis

The Romanian Investor Employers’ Association – PIAROM (president Cristian Parvan) launched, within a press conference, the Study on workforce analysis at the level of Romania’s development regions, for the year 2015. Anca Vlad, Founding President of PIAROM, Cristian Parvan, President of PIAROM, Dr. Mihai Cioc, Piarom member and Valentin Mihai Ionescu, State Secretary within the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly Persons were present for the event dedicated to the mass media, as well as to professionals in the area, to economists, sociologists, as well as businessmen. .

“The Romanian Investor Employers’ Association has, as its main objective, the provision of public information regarding the capacity of Romanian investors which, unfortunately, is ignored and underrated by the authorities”, stated Cristian Parvan, president of PIAROM. “The survey regarding workforce analysis at the level of Romania’s development regions, for the year 2015” is a sober analysis identifying the main coordinates of workforce structure in all eight development regions of the country, related to last year. Indicators which should be taken into account upon designing and implementing any public policy with an impact upon the business environment and regional development.

“The unskilled workforce grew by 8%, and this tendency shall also be maintained in the coming years. There is an acute deficiency of specialized staff in Romanian entrepreneurship stated Anca Vlad, founding president of PIAROM. “We have set IT as a country brand, but how many people work in IT? Is IT appropriate as a country brand now?”– asked Anca Vlad, since it is a well-known fact that half of the programmers in Romania work in Bucharest, whereas almost 40% are dispersed in Cluj, Timis, Brasov, Iasi, Ilfov, Sibiu and Dolj, which means that only 10% cover the remaining 33 counties.

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