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Arts, health and lifestyle are the fields proposed by as a pleading for the support of the creative industry, a new media concept in which culture and arts have the role of engine of the national and regional development. The online television is a vast collection of video materials which cover the three main aspects of life: art, health, lifestyle. / health offers to its visitors information in the medical world, offered directly by specialists in this field: materials regarding certain diseases and the most efficient methods to fight against them, interviews with personalities in the medical world, presentation or announcements about certain important events for any person who assumes a healthy lifestyle. / arts is a channel which brings the art world closer to each visitor, presenting information about the last exhibits, portraits of artists, details form the field of arts, shows and cinema initial performances. / lifestyle reminds us that a lifestyle full of satisfactions means also a special attention paid for everything that means beauty, fashion, body care, leisure time activities according to what is representative for us. / lifestyle presents the limits within everybody can contour an adequate lifestyle. The visitors can access all information they want or they can subscribe to the weekly newsletter which offers you the most important news. Contact: