ANOTHER LANGUAGE (PLUS) – Ana Stefania Andronic (BUZU).

The “Symposium” exhibitional space at the National Library Bucharest hosted the exhibition of painting and graphics of the young artist, Ana Stefania Andronic (BUZU). Grouped under the title ANOTHER LANGUAGE (PLUS), the 30 works made in different plastic effects and new techniques bring to the public the trend of her creation. This is the fifth exhibition of the artist in the last five years.

BUZU proposes to her art lovers the approach of the phnomena from a unique angle that gives unexpected facets through the subtle simbolistic of a domain that seemed reserved for decorations. Besides the works that are viewed also in UV, Ana Stefania Andronic proposes several modern replicas of classical abstraction, revealing the artist’s ability to reinterpret not only a technique but also an artistic phenomenon.

A graduate of the National University of Arts, Department of Graphic (class of Mircea Dumitrescu), Ana Stefania Andronic (BUZU) was always in the public eye through her participation in personal and group exhibitions and the development of new techniques of painting on textiles, decorative and mural decorations.

The program is sponsored by CATENA and SENSO TV is the Media Partner of this exhibition taking place under the aegis of Ministry of Culture and the National Library.

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 18, until November 11th , 2013.

 This material is provided by Catena.