Rodica Lazar retrospective

Rodica Lazar graduated Monumental Arts Department at the Institute of Fine Arts in 1956, Gheorghe Labin and Stefan Constantinescu’s class. She exhibited in group exhibitions abroad organized by the Artists Union and in the country on the occasion of numerous exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Bucharest and Simeza Gallery.

 The artist reinvents herself with each new canvas, building her “artistic self” without excluding, as second game, a subtle, fertile dialogue with the great masters of modernity, as well as with the stylistic Byzantine layer; an autistic art, eroded by the chimera of an absolute originality, by the obsession of the”share” of the market or by the narcissistic self-referentiality no longer being art to her conception. Transgressing the limits of her own circumscribing to the local landscape of fine arts, Rodica Lazar embodies as artist, in the old or the current problems of modern and contemporary Romanian arts, a possible equation of power of the relationship between tradition and modernity.