The release of Teodore Botis’ album

The release of art Teodor Botis was a very special event, held on July 10th, 2014 at Senso Art Gallery in Bucharest. Artists’ friends, art critics and collectors have enjoyed together this great album art, which spans the entire life of the artist Teodor Botis.

The art critics Mircea Deac and Virgil Mocanu, the writer and art collector Radu Georgescu spoke in opening of the event. Teodor Botis told us how he personally got involved in selecting the photos, the paintings and the critical texts for the album. As confessed by the art critic Virgil Mocanu, the release of the album is a special moment, it is the sadness of separation from a remarkable exhibition and also a joy for our personal library, mind and soul.

One of the great friends of the artist, Nikita Stanescu, wrote in 1983: After entering the painting of Teodor Botis and the entry into a universe with a different point of escape, the surprise phenomenon begins to distill the colored spaces proposing a lyrical drama and also assuming a romantic epic, bringing movement of concrete sentiments to the border of abstract ideas. His paintings disturb me and incite me and whenever I see them, I do not get enough of watching them.

The life of the artist Teodor Botis in an album

The impressive art album is edited by Teodor Botis with the help of the Program Catena for Art at Alicat Publishing House. This album presents the representative works of Teodor Botis, Associate Professor at the Visual Arts and Design Academy, Cluj Napoca, notes of some renowned art critics, mentions of some exegetes in the field of art and culture, next to images that capture special events from the life of one of the most important contemporary artists from Cluj.

This material is provided by Catena

By Bogdana Contras