Anca Vlad, CEO of Fildas-Catena – The most influential business personality of Forbes Gala and First in the Top „50 Most influential women in Romania”

Anca Vlad, CEO of Fildas-Catena Group, was designated the most influential business personality during the Forbes Gala  Woman 50 Romania, organized by the business publication Forbes, a gala which has reached its 8th edition.  

During the Gala, the Top „Forbes 50 Most influential Women in Romania” 2019 was also launched, first place being awarded for the second year in a row to Anca Vlad, founder and CEO of Fildas-Catena.

The trophy was handed to the general manager of  Catena, Alina Marinescu, attending the Gala together with the general manager of Tonica Group, Otilia Ostroțki.

“On behalf of the CEO,  Anca Vlad, I want to thank Forbes magazine and you for this award which is a great honour. My team and myself are proud to have by our side a feminine personality such as Mrs. Anca Vlad. Thank you all and congratulations to all the ladies who received awards tonight!”, said Alina Marinescu.

Anca Vlad is the founder of one of the strongest groups on the pharmaceutical market, Fildas-Catena currently employing over 6.400 people. Catena is the no. chain of pharmacies 1 in pharmaceutical retail and Fildas Trading the second largest pharmaceuticals distributor in Romania.

“In a highly competitional market, being always under the pressure and constraints of the medical and pharmaceutical legislation,  increasing turnover from year to year by two digits, as the companies in the group owned by Anca Vlad did, is a real performance” – this was the argument of “Forbes Romania” for granting the award for the most influential business personality.  

Forbes Woman yearly galas celebrate the work and performance of those women in Romania who are genuine, strong role-models, whether they are famous in the business environment or in philanthropy, public relations, politic, education on sports.  

The 8th edition of the gala represented a means of recognition of the involvement of women and their active role in a continuously developing business environment, as well as an occasion to launch the newest edition of  the Top „Forbes 50 most influential women in Romania”, which forefronts these ladies who matter for the Romanian society not only through their financial power, but also through their ability to influence things for the best.

Raluca Michailov, general manager  BP Publishing Media (FORBES Magazine) and Ionuț Bonoiu, chief-editor of FORBES Romania opened the event hosted by Bogdan Miu.  

“Worldwide, women run governments and companies, manage budgets and have an active role in several areas of influence.” – the organizers argued. “This Gala was not only a way for Forbes Romania  to recognize the involvement of women and their active role in a developing business environment, but also a reflection of the 8th edition of Top 50 most influential women in Romania, published by Forbes Romania. We applaud these women who knew how to impose their name in the most important areas, such as politics, art or creativity, in other words women who shattered clichés. The winners of  Forbes Woman Gala are exclusively  feminine examples of inspiration, perseverance, innovation and entrepreneurship”.

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“Respect shown to people is a very important principle which guided me throughout my career. Feminine leadership is faced with a huge task: that of changing Romania and preparing it for the future”. – Anca Vlad