Anca Vlad – founder and president of Fildas-Catena, number one in Top 50 Women in Economy

On Thursday evening, the National Confederation for Female Entrepreneurship (CONAF) presented awards to the women with the most important achievements in business, within the “Women in Economy” Gala, organized in collaboration with Capital Media Production.

Top “50 Women in Economy” was launched within the “Women in Economy” Gala.

“In the intricate world of business, it is extremely difficult to make it to the top. And, if we come to think of the fact that we are speaking of a sector where men are, most of the time, the ones who call the shots, it is all the more complicated for a woman to come to the fore. However, in the Romanian world of business, there are numerous ladies who have attained enviable success”, declared Ciprian Mailat, managing director of Capital Media Production.

In the professional hierarchy, the first place is held by Anca Vlad – founder and president of Fildas-Catena, a group which, year after year, has managed to attain record results, constituting the choice of an increasing number of Romanians. Catena is the largest chain of pharmacies in Romania, a position it has maintained for very many years, according to a press release communicated by AGERPRESS.

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