Catena and Fildas awarded at the Forbes Champions League Gala

Catena Pharmacies and Fildas Trading, leaders in pharmaceutical retail and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Romania, were awarded at the 2023 edition of the Forbes Champions League Gala.

Foto: Otilia Ostrotki, General Manager Tonica Group, Daniel Marin, CFO Fildas Trading, Anca Vlad, President of Fildas-Catena Group, Alina Marinescu, General Manager Catena

Forbes awarded the “Champions of the Decade” – “people and businesses that have managed to grow steadily over the past 10 years and turn a profit, regardless of the times, with the trophies awarded being inspired by the idea of rewarding the best”.

The awards granted to Catena and Fildas Trading pharmacies were received by Mrs. Anca Vlad, founder and President of the two companies.

The first award was presented by Virginia Oțel, corporate communication leader Garanti BBVA Group and Deputy General Manager Garanti BBVA Leasing.

“Mrs Vlad is a true champion. She can be best described by the word “focus”. She has managed to build a successful business, overcome many challenges and become number 1 in the industry with over 900 pharmacies. Her recognition is not only in Romania, but also internationally: a few years ago, she was among the Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World honorees. She is a role model for business men and women,” said Virginia Oțel.

“I’m very happy to be among the champions, after all, it’s like in sports: We run and we run, and it’s wonderful that Forbes sometimes makes a podium and puts us on it, so that we can feel the joy of being real champions”, said Mrs. Anca Vlad at the award ceremony.

The second award was presented by Mihai Păduroiu, CEO Office Division One United Properties.

“Thank you very much, you don’t even know how many memories this award brings back to me, because Fildas is my soul company – it was born in 1991, out of a need, because private pharmacies had appeared and there was no one to deliver their medicines. I guess even in my most optimistic dreams I couldn’t have believed that we would end up here. Slowly, but surely. Thank you very much!”, added the founder and President of Fildas-Catena Group.