Video Forum Invest 2009
Forum Invest 2009
Between September 30th and October 1st took place in Bucharest the fourth edition of the Forum of Health. The Conference “Health in 2009 – business policies and mechanisms in the...
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Video Pespectives 2009
Pespectives 2009
The 54th Exhibition of the International Cultural Feminine Federation. Place – “Constantin Brancusi” hall,at the House of Parliament. This exhibition has proposed to highlight the creative feminine segment, relationships and...
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Video European Bridges 2009
European Bridges 2009
The International Art Symposium “European Bridges”. Artists from all over Europe were present at Constanta, in 2009, in order to share their artistic experience. This special event was sponsored by...
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Video The International Conference LeaderSHE 2009
The International Conference LeaderSHE 2009
The meeting of leader women in business, politics, art, academic and social involvement for an energetic exchange of ideas and provocative conversations, without prejudices.
Video Reform and recovery of the Health System, WTC, 2010
Reform and recovery of the Health System, WTC, 2010
On Tuesday, February 23rd , at  the Economic Forum Romania 2010, World Trade Center Bucharest took place the conference “Reform and recovery in the health industry. The ‘Health Industry’ model...
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Video Humanitarian Campaign – 2005 floods
Humanitarian Campaign – 2005 floods
Sharing the pains and sorrows of the Romanians hit by floods in the summer of 2005, Anca Vlad, president Fildas Group of companies, donated through the Romanian Patriarchy an important...
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Video Senso TV Launch – 2005
Senso TV Launch – 2005
In 2005 we launched a television channel under the slogan “Senso is your world too”. Senso TV was born from the desire to be closer to what it is truly...
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Video Xenia Rodica Constantin 2004 Art Exhibit
Xenia Rodica Constantin 2004 Art Exhibit
Horizon Gallery hosted exhibition of paintings of the Master Rodica Constantin Xenia. The event and edition album were sponsored Fildas, Fildas Art – President Anca Vlad