Dobrogea Obsession

Fildas Art Foundation sponsored the exhibition of paintings and sculpture called “Obsesia Dobrrogei”, signed by artists of the Union of the Fine Artists Constanta Branch I and hosted by SENSO Gallery.

May 30, 2007 was a special day in the SENSO Gallery exhibition calendar. The generous space that hosts such cultural events proved this time too to be insufficient for the public invited to attend the exhibition of paintings and sculpture called “Obsesia Dobrrogei”,.

The event sponsored and organized by Fildas Art and Mrs. Rodica-Xenia Constantin, president of the Romanian Association of  Creative Women in Fine Arts, was a special occasion to meet with a group of artists from UAP-Constanta Branch I. “There were selected a number of artists from Constanta branch I, several generations of artists, being an exhibition of presentation of Constanta Branch, “said Alfred Ipser, President of the Union of the Artists from Constanta Branch I.
Along with a large number of artists, the event was attended by art critics: Alice DINCULESCU and Adrian Silvan Ionescu.

Dobrogea exists perceptively in the component of the Romanian space but its revelation, ante, inter, postwar and contemporary acute was made part of the mental structure of the Romans, who were aware of it until its transformation into a national obsession.

If modern Romanian painting will have posted routes and values in the exotic, picturesque, decorative, constructive composition, evocative, documentary, light explosive research horizon, in the special atmosphere of Dobrogea, the contemporary painting remains attached to the area.

Regardless of which generation is claimed, artists belonging by origin or adoption to this site, show a detectable appetite for shroud, coverage, the layout or space of morphologies already inseminated by outstanding cultural sequence of the place, and this attitude of creation, dangerous by means of seduction of the author, is a brilliant trap. The getting out of equation created the present guidelines, orientations or some well-assimilated national poetry recitals

The grouping presented in the exhibition provides the contact with the state of art creation in the eastern area of the south-east of  the European Union. Between two alternative sublim humanity through creation, aesthetics of pain in the bronzes of Mircea Enache  and the irony of humor in the cartoons of Leonte Nastase: the result of marriage between the illusion of reason and the preciuos matter at: Gabriela Gheorghe, Alfred Ipser – painting, Peter Grajdeanu, Stone, Nicholas Mira, bronze, Peter Manea, ceramics, taste and tradition in contemporary art games: George Carutiu, Daniela Turcanu, Oana Madalina Sfetcu, Anamaria Baciu, Anca Floriana Deaconu, Elena Dinu, Angela Bocu – painting, Alexander Isopescu, ceramics, the monumental Orthodox of parietal type in Marin Deaconu, the exit out of the maze through prehistory: George Farcasiu, Eusebio Spinu – ceramics, Constantin Papadopol, painting / object Gimenez Carreras, painting