Fildas Art Foundation

I created the FILDAS ART FOUNDATION in 2002 to support the cultural productions of great value in Romania, which deserve to be known first of all in the country. We live in a place where the intellectuals of universal value manifest. I believe that promoting authentic values gives the company unique prestige in the Romanian society of today. The contributions of some companies in the West to the  promotion of contemporary art exhibitions, high quality concerts or choreography performances are no longer a surprise to the Western Europe.
As long as a civilization lasts through world cultural heritage, it is natural to ask ourselves what mark do we leave? Who are  we in the ‘global village’?
Are we Eminescu, Brancusi, Enescu … ?
The investment in culture is represented by the assertion: ‘This is who we really are! “- Both for us and for our external partners.
I invited a British collaborator to see an exhibition at the Art Gallery of University of Fine Arts in Bucharest and he was astonished by the quality of the works on display, but also by the relatively low prices compared to those charged in the West. Why do we sell cheaper things that are of the same quality as those in the West? Simple: marketing does not exist.
I think it’s time for ourselves to promote values, and for this FILDAS Art Foundation, through its  specialists in various fields, gives credit of quality to the events organized.

Anca Vlad