A business managed with great passion

In an extremely dynamic and competitive pharmaceutical market, if you do not adjust to the challenges, you will not perform. And this is clearly proven by Anca Vlad, the founder of the Fildas-Catena Group, as demonstrated in an extensive article published in the latest print edition of the financial magazine Capital. 

The first memories from the business world date back to 1990, when she established a marketing consultancy company. Briefly thereafter, she entered into the pharmaceuticals industry, after establishing Fildas, a decision which turned out, in time, to be very wise, state the journalists from Capital magazine.

„The figures achieved in the first eight months are as planned and they offer us the financial framework necessary in order to continue the Group’s business lines. On one hand, we want to consolidate out leader position in the pharmaceutical retail area, and on the other hand, we want to expand in all traditional distribution channels, namely retail, pharmacy networks, hospitals”, states the entrepreneur for Capital magazine.

Of course, Anca Vlad’s activities are not only limited to business. The company is also involved in ample education and information actions, in activities related to the promotion and enforcement of a healthy lifestyle, as well as various social campaigns.

„We promote a healthy life style through exercising and outdoor activities, by means of the involvement in the projects of the Catena Racing Team association, a great multiple sports team of ou group. We have already gifted Romania’s champions: Simona Dumitrescu – second place at the North Pole marathon, Paul Georgescu – first place at the Aquatic marathon of Lake Zurich, first places at international table tennis championships”, states the entrepreneur. In a way, she is trying to find a balance between her professional and her personal life, especially considering that she is a movie enthusiast, she loves galleries and arts museums, as well as travelling to peculiar places, the Capital journalists add.

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