An art gallery, full to the brim in the center of the capital city! How was that possible?

A painting and sculpture gallery, full to the brim by passionate people. Not in Paris or who knows what other European capital, but in Bucharest.

There exists, however, an explanation for this sudden interest in arts.  We are no longer preoccupied only by going out to a good restaurant or to a night entertainment; and art galleries have their regular public from all the fields: artists, painters, writers, art critics, television people, radio people.

The gallery from the center of the capital marked the moment with an original exhibition of painting and sculpture. Why original? Because all the artists are women: „With this new gallery, we are trying to bring a new breath to the contemporary art, basically.”

A great art lover is also Anca Vlad, considered one of the most powerful women in Romania and a great supporter of the Romanian culture: „Ever since my faculty years, I had the chance to know great artists. I used to be a great admirer of some Romanian painters that I was counting in the galleries from «Hanul cu tei» (Lime Hostel). I’ve done my first acquisition with the money earned as a guide in one of my vacations. It is a very abstract form.”

Anca Vlad confesses in all sincerity that Romanian artists have an exuberant imagination: „I keep Romanian artists in high esteem because they are extremely original. I see much less commercial art than I’ve seen in other great capitals. Bucharest could arrive a capital of arts.”

We do not know when Bucharest will arrive a capital of art, but it surely wouldn’t hurt to give ear to Irina Margareta Nistor’s advice. Art can bring us closer to the soul of the woman: „It is a very colored soul, a multicolored soul, I believe it is in fact a multi-tasking soul because we all know that women must do many things, to create, and to paint as well.”

April 2014, Kanal D