Anca Vlad – a leading woman

Anca Vlad is no longer an unknown name in Romania. More precisely, in the recent years, everyone speaks of the one occupying one of the top places in the list of the most successful business women in Romania.

One of the richest women in the country, surpassed this year only, by Corina and Camelia Voiculescu, the daughters of the late Dan Voiculescu, Anca Vlad is the living proof that you can succeed also in Romania – to stay upright and to succeed in whatever you set a goal.

With a successful career, a turnover of 200 million dollars and an empire of 70 companies and 1,700 employees, several luxury apartments in Bucharest, one in Bușteni, one in Constanta, villas in Poiana Tapului and Mogosoaia, lands and a house in Venice, Anca Vlad remains a modest woman, fair and, above all, ambitious.

An economist and specialist in commerce, Anca Vlad started from the scratch, working seven years in a furniture factory, which gave her the opportunity to learn a lot on the import-export business, commercial and international relations.

In 1990, immediately after the events that marked Romania, Anca Vlad opens one of the top marketing companies in the country. After this pioneering work, in 1991, Anca focuses on another field – the distribution of medical products. Once entered in this sector, the business woman becomes a shareholder in 70 companies from the health department, many of which acquired. Thus arises the Fildas group – 1.5 million dollars was the turnover and seven employees.

In 2000, Fildas created a brand in selling pharmaceutical products, currently there are over 200 such points across the country.

Anca has not stopped here, continuing with the Fildas Art Foundation, the health magazines group Tonica and Senso TV, knowing the impact the involvement in the cultural and media world has.

In addition, Anca Vlad was chosen to be part of the International Association of the Women Entrepreneurs – “Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World”, in recognition of her sustained efforts, has received numerous awards: Gold Medal for Excellence in Business Practice within the International Forum for Excellence in Business Practice, the award “The Successful Investor Vocation” from the magazine “Balkans” and a nomination from the Europe Business Assembly (EBA), Oxford – England at the award ‘Best company in Europe’.

Anca Vlad is, apart from being a strong woman, also a caring mother for her children, Alexandru (15) and Ecaterina (12), the ones who daily give her strength to move forward and overcome all obstacles.

Because at the end of a day of hard work, those that gives her the necessary peace are the two children.

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