Anca Vlad at „First million”: „You are born an entrepreneur”

„First million”, the event organised today by Forbes Romania brought on the stage six successful entrepreneurs, among which Anca Vlad, the owner of Fildas Group.

Anca Vlad spoke on the occasion of the Forbes Romania event „Beyond the first million” about the necessary qualities of a businesswoman and about what sometimes prevents most of them to be successful or to start a business in their youth years: family preoccupations and the preference for safety. This is why, Misses Vlad’s recommendation for the female entrepreneurs involve risks, delegation and the ability to relate. „To delegate is the essence of growth. Then, there comes the importance of the relating factor, being able to talk to people who have the same problems and to be aware inclusively of what happens in the political area.”

As far as the advice „after the first million” is concerned, the owner of Fildas Group considers that it is essential to support the culture, not only as a form of relaxation, but also as an engine of a society.

Anca Vlad is the adept of the principle according to which you are born an entrepreneur. „We are talking about qualities like independence, a certain energy, that cannot be cultivated. In my opinion, the entrepreneurship classes aim at discovering these qualities in those that already posses them.”

The entrepreneur also added that among her models she counts Richard Branson, but also the president of the association Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World, who have proven great courgae and will, founding an insurance society for truckers.

June, 2013,