Anca Vlad is one of the veterans of the pharmaceutical market in Romania

At not even 30 years old, Anca Vlad was coordinating the sales of a company specialized in furniture manufacture, the current Silvarom, controlling an export of over 200 million dolars.

But because „money was few back then, I used to work as an English teacher in weekends and as a translator at various medicine congresses”. This is how the pharmaceutical companies remarked her, because in 1987 she transfered to the Chamber of Commerce as the main economist, where she dealt with the medicines area. After the Revolution, everybody started to make businesses on their own, and Anca Vlad alligned herself to that trend. She started the marketing consultancy, more exactly, she tried to make the strangers familiar with the business opportunities that Romania was offering. Gradually, the pharmaceutical companies no longer had whom to sell their products to, because the state firms had fallen apart. This is how she decided to switch to the commercial side. „The main capital that I had was the trust that I earned from people.” In fact, this is how she received the first truck full of medicines worth some tens of thousands of pounds sterling. In years, Fildas became one of the most powerful distributors on a national level, and Catena – a pharmacy network that matters more and more among the great chains.

December 2012,