Anca Vlad: „The business opportunities are numberless in Romania”

„The business opportunities are numberless in Romania, still a young society”, declared on Tuesday, for AGERPRES, Anca Vlad, president of Fildas Group.

„Apart from the funds destined to the start-ups, the business opportunities of the young entrepreneurs are especially coming from the IT field. The Romanian capacities in IT must be exploited because they can generate profitable businesses in Romania. Any young entrepreneur must start up with a positive thinking, without having in mind that they will arrive, at a certain point, at bankruptcy”, pointed out Anca Vlad, present at the debate „Beyond the first million”, organised by Forbes Romania.

The seminary „The first million” has set itself as an objective to bring into the debate of the young entrepreneurs of Romania a series of success examples from the Romanian business environment. In this context, the business persons spoke donwright about how they made their first million, about success and failures, about learnt lessons, but especially about the future of the entrepreneurship in Romania.

The main advantages of a young entrepreneur in Romania today are, in the opinion of the people owning successful businesses, the courage, the culture, the perseverance and the determination, the ability to work with people and to motivate, the creativity in approaching the crisis moments and the confidance of being able to overpass them.

„The political zone affects us very much. This is why we have to know everything that is important in the political life and, eventually, to use the acquired information in favor of the business environment. Many times, female entrepreneurs are not available to delegate their responsabilities, which affects the growth of their business. For that matter, this is exactly the main reason for which we do not have women with businesses of hundreds of millions of euros”, says Anca Vlad.

June, 2013,