Anca Vlad, the first woman in the top of successful women

It is said that a successful woman must combine the career with a happy family life, having also to be nice, bold, cultivated and good looking, beautiful, and to put top of it all, to have money. It seems hard or downright impossible, but there are at least 100 women who have succeeded. A president of a drug company, a president of textile Patronage in Romania and a counselor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are the most successful women in our country, according to the Top “100 successful women” by the “Capital” magazine.

First prize with a crown of the magazine “Capital” went this year to Anca Vlad, the founding president of Fildas which sit very well not only on a single chapter. Otherwise, she has a A+ grade career and financial status, the social involvement and achievements in 2004 deserving also a high grade. These were the criteria by which the team that made the top “100 Successful Women 2005” has delimited the first 100 present competitors who are struggling for success in business, politics, medicine, entertainment or fashion, in the country or abroad. In this edition prevail business women (24), followed by those in leadership positions (21), the female staff of the medical world (11) Art (10) fashion and beauty (9), media (4) and sports (3). Other areas from which successful women are coming are politics, education and diplomacy. Of the 50 ladies of the 2004 edition, only three left the top. It’s about Mariana Nicolesco, Mihaela Nicola and Gabriela Malaele. The first was not included in the “Top 100 successful women in 2005” because she was part of the jury, and the other two because it was considered they did not have notable performances in the past year.


The girl from Rahova who stunned the Kingdom

Alina Cojocaru is the first ballerina of Covent Garden, in London. She began dancing when she was seven. She was a girl who loved ballet, though her parents wanted her to do sports. After three years, she is noticed by leaders of Ballet of Kiev and is selected. She goes to Russia, from where she leaves for London when she was 17. She was the recipient of a scholarship along with winning of the Lausanne prize. After studying in London, dancing a year in Kiev, she then returns as first ballerina of Covent Garden. Sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s a true story. Alina is ranked 12th in the top Romanian successful woman, having a little social involvement, an easy financial status, but with a successful career of an A+.


A mother for the suffering children

Ana Culcer is from 20 years on, doctor and head of the newborns Department at University Hospital Bucharest. With a small grade at her financial situation, Ana Culcer enriched with a fairy tale like family, composed of 35 generations of children, of which she never left them crying in the consultation. She collaborates with UNICEF, Save the Children, WHO and because of her career, she “forgot” to have to have her own children. She thus became a 39-year-old mother. With high scores of social involvement and career, Ana Culcer ranks top 29.


Anca Vlad, the best of the best

Anca Vlad stays this year as the first presence in the top of the “Capital” Magazine. She is a continuous, full of vitality presence in business, culture and mass-media. She supports young artists, especially painters to impose, both in Romania and abroad, an effort for which he received two awards last year, one of the “VIP” magazines and one of the “Music News” magazines. Also last year and so far, Anca Vlad was awarded the Medal of Excellence in business practice. The novelty is the acquisitions made in the media. Last year she bought the majority share pack of KLTC, which publishes the magazines “Tonica”, “Farmacia ta” and “Slab sau gras”. She also purchased PAX television channel, which will be relaunched under the name Senso TV.


Deputy prime minister’s wife on 20th place

Cristiana Copos did not have too many accomplishments last year, but she grew enormously in the social involvement chapter, through the work done to the “Heart to Heart” programme, and to the Renaissance Foundation for the prevention and early detection of breast cancer. She is the CEO of the family business Ana Co., and founding member of the Romanian Society of Senology. What she likes? White freesia scent when outside it’s snowing.


Top 10

Anca Vlad – president, founder and sole shareholder of Fildas (drugs), chairman of the Fine Arts Creative Women Association, the majority shareholder of KLTC and Pax TV

Maria Grapini – president and owner of CA Pasmatex Timisoara, president of the Patronate Federation of Light Industry

Irina Cajal – MAE counselor, Image Director of the Jewish Community Federation

Georgiana Pogonaru – general manager at Romcolor 2000, Project manager at International Association of Women

Ana Diculescu Sova – lawyer at NNDKP law firm and president of Hurmuz Aznavorian Foundation

Elisabeta Lipa – athlete, with six Guiness Book records

Anastasia Soare – stilist in Beverly Hills

Camelia Sucu – manager at Class Mobexepert

Cristina Batlan – CEO Musette

Simona Marinescu – World Bank regional coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa

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