“Being an entrepreneur means taking chances”

“We started with 7 employees and reached 6,000 through development and permanent reinvestment”  

Being an entrepreneur means taking chances, according to Mrs. Anca Vlad, President of Fildas – Catena Group, who points not only to risks involved by a business, but also to the fact that involvement in entrepreneurship may be a risk for family peace.

Mrs. Vlad says: “It is possible to have a discontent husband and, at the same time, you must always pay attention to what happens with children, so that children do not suffer because you have a passion, the entrepreneurship. It means taking time for them. As far as I am concerned, everything related to my children was included on the agenda as any business meeting. We have never made a distinction between business and children concerns. One should never miss any activity that is important for them”.

Fildas – Catena Group business started with 7 people, according to Mrs. Vlad, who mentions: “I don’t believe that in Romania, as business, you can work with less than 7 people , because there are many bureaucratic requirements you need to deal with. Then, the first thing when you start a business is to ask yourself whether you can be responsible for other 6-7 families. If you can, go ahead, if not, stay in the position you are in. If you can take the risk and direct responsibility for other several families, you are already on the right track”.

Now, after 27 years of existence, Fildas – Catena Group has 6,000 employees, an evolution due to permanent development and investments, according to Mrs. Anca Vlad. The President of Fildas – Catena Group mentions: “You get from 7 to 6,000 employees in time, through assumed development and permanent reinvestment. All profits, everything earned from one year to the next was reinvested for growth”.

In this context, Anca Vlad expresses her “reluctance” regarding the female entrepreneur in Romania, believing that she does not take enough risks and does not want to grow to the extent of her possibilities. In the opinion of Mrs. Vlad, a female entrepreneur has all it takes to build a large business, especially that the “woman model” is that of intuition, which she thinks is the most valuable. “We gather information, but ultimately  “the decisions we take are based on intuition”, Mr. Vlad concluded.

This text was published by Bursa.