CATENA – awarded a prize at the ZF Gala 2016

“Ziarul Financiar” (“The Financial Journal”) celebrated 18 years within a gala, where, as it has been doing every year, it joined together Romania’s business class, entrepreneurs, directors, managers, bankers, lawyers, consultants, both Romanian and from abroad. At the same time, ZF also celebrated 10 years from the Romania’s accession to the European Union, a period with many challenges, but also with results and successful businesses. 600 participants were present within the gala and, as it has been doing every year, the Financial Journal granted ten awards for the most valuable companies in the economy, and three special prizes: for the most spectacular leap over the 10 EU years, for the highest transaction registered in 2016 and for the strongest brand within the in pharmaceutical retail sector, CATENA.

Anca Vlad, founder of the Catena -Fildas Group pharmacies, who was present at the Gala, declared: “I would like to thank the Financial Journal, for the fact that it noted us. Upon seeing these young and very beautiful persons here on stage, I can only think about the particular quality of the workforce in Romania, as far as intelligence is concerned, as well as their presence and the desire to work. This is what I can tell you on a personal note. For 25 years now, we have been dealing with human resources issues, and I can tell you that the progress is becoming better and better, the skills are ever more complex and I am surprised whenever I pass by our buildings and I see that the lights are turned on, I do not understand why. I always strive to do things in such a way that people finish their work in due time, so that they may also have a personal life, but it seems that they are passionate, just I have been passionate about it.

We take pride in the IT sector, there are 30 thousand IT specialists in Bucharest, there are 9 thousand in Cluj, but there are 35 counties without IT specialists. We wanted to emphasize this matter, because we desire the computerization of Romania, and it can only be achieved if we treat all the areas of the country equally. I believe we have managed to do so. If you were impressed by this remark, I believe that we have managed to communicate something today. Thank you very much for this award. It really is a great joy.”

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