Forbes and the influential women in Romania

In a society in which the word „influence” began to have exclusively negative connotations, the Romanian edition of the Forbes magazine, a publication of the independent group BP Publishing, offers a positive interpreting and a top of ladies with a remarkable activity, whose decisions influence not only their own destiny, but also that of the society.

Forbes Romania has launched the special number Forbes Woman, edition 2013 of Top 50 most influential women in Romania. The magazine, which can already be found in kiosks, was presented for the  first time to the most influential ladies on the occasion of a reception at Elisabeta Restaurant, in a building which in the inter-war building hosted the Houses of Romanian Parliament.

The publication took advantage of this occasion in order to grant several awards to the most active female personalities in various areas of society, from entrepreneurship, to culture and NGOs. Misses Mariana Gheorghe, CEO OMV Petrom, was attributed both the first place in the top and the award „the most influential woman in Romania”, while Misses Ana-Maria Mihaiescu, the head of the mission International Financial Corporation in Romania was reserved the award „the most influential woman from the Finance and Banking area”. Misses Mihaiescu also remarked herself through her activity in the context of regional networks through which she supported along the time the ascending of women to leading positions. The youngest lady awarded was also the youngest CEO, Kinga Daradics (32 years old), CEO MOL.


Forbes Romania had the honor to grant a special award to Her Highness Princess Margaret. The special award for social implication was picked up on behalf oh Her Highness by Misses Anca Harasim, the vice-president of Princess Margaret Foundation.

From the entrepreneurs category, the ones that attracted the attention of Forbes Romania were Anca Vlad, Fildas, who received the award for „The most influential female entrepreneur” and Camelia Sucu „for creativity in business”. Awards were granted not only to the ladies from the top, but also to those who impressed us through their activity, creativity and social implication. For instance, from the same sphere of the entrepreneurship, I considered that Ruxandra Hurezeanu, Ivatherm, a possible influential lady, deserves „The special award for inovation in business”.

The first Romanian brand of derma-cosmetics, founded by Misses Hurezeanu, already exports in Asia and continues to be in full expansion. Narcis Pheres is another name that impressed through the buidling of an international luxury brand  in Japan, while Oana Pellea was awarded the prize for Culture. Leslie Hawke, the co-founder of the OvidiuRo association, was awarded too for her activity in the field of education and the dedication with which she has been developing for 13 years projects of helping the underprivileged children in our country. The special guest of the night was a personality outside the top, Misses Tvetelina Borislavova, the owner of the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank, who spoke about her professional experience, starting with her period as an insignificant entrepreneur.

Compared to last year, the new entries in Forbes Top 50 Most influential women in Romania are represented by names such as Delia Arsenie, CEO Oscar Downstream, a company of oil products trading, or Valeria Van Groningen, the president of the Association Bucharest Running Club, the initiator of Bucharest’s Marathon. Most of the places from the top are occupied by ladies from the business field, but female politicians don’t miss either. The top was carried out by Forbes Romania team according to three criteria: financial power, media coverage (according to a Media Image study) and multiple spheres of influences, in other words, in terms of the impact their decisions had.

April, 2013,