No. 1 on Pharma Market

Anca Vlad built her career as an entrepreneur with effort and assiduity. As an economist, a marketing specialist, she founded Fildas, a society focused on the activity of distribution of medicines, in 1991.

Throughout the 22 years, Fildas-Catena Group recorded a permanent advance of its turnover, from a financial exercice to another, up to 345 millions of euros in 2013, overcoming obstacles related to financing, legislative changes, antic-concurrential attitudes and continuous changes of the health policies. The adopting of a democratic leadership model, the promoting of the free inititative, the entrepreneuroial spirit and the adaptability to the market conditions have thus created the most solid construction on the Romanian pharmaceutical market.

`We have a very good renown on the internal and international market`, says the President of Fildas-Catena Group.

Anca Vlad received in September 2004 the Golden Medal for excellence in business practice, on the occasion of the forth International Forum for Excellence in Business Practice organised at Geneva, and in 2005, she received the title of Manager of the Year from the prestigious organisation Institute of Directors, London. The most numerous distinctions have crowned the activity of the group in the years 2013 and 2014. The Community chose Catena as first option in a series of studies and market sampling carried out by national and international bodies:
– Best Buy Award for the best quality/price ratio in Romania
– Superbrands Award for superior quality services
– Trusted Brands Award for Quality, excellent value, strong imaging, understanding the customers’ needs and social responsibilty
– Quality Medal (Qdal) for the pharmacy chain number 1 from the quality point of view

Catena brand currently counts over 500 units at a national level, which reunite 3.200 employees and 1.200 professional pharmacists. The number of regular customers of Catena overpasses 2.5 millions, according to the cards released for all age brakets. The turnover of Catena chain grew in 2013 with over 10% compared to the percent of market growth, exactly as the net profit level. The management strategy is based, on the one hand, on the excessive growth through business procurements, and, on the other hand, on the intensive growth through the application of an innovative permanent marketing and the promoting of the professionalism in all the fields of activity of the group.

`The body of a company is in permanent evolution. The attempts and obstacles make it stronger. The desire `of making money` is the most inefficient ingredient in business. The most important elements of entrepreneurial success are enthousiasm and the capacity to sacrifice. More than the entrepreneur matters however the passion and the commitment to the brand of the team. Catena is the best because her team is the best`, declares Anca Vlad, president of Fildas-Catena Group.