The feminine entrepreneurship conference – Second edition/Anca Vlad, CATENA GROUP: „A successful business cannot be built without taking some chances”

Anca Vlad, the president of Catena Group, is a fervent supporter of the entreprenorial spirit and believes that you cannot have a successful business without taking some chances.

Anca Vlad did her best to encourage the female entrepreneurs and wanted to mention: „You have to take the risk to invest your own money and to take credit from the bank. You also have to learn to delegate your competencies to your employees and to reinvest the profit if you want to grow. Female entreprenurs are much more cautious when it comes to counteract credits and develop their businesses more softly, in a lasting way. This is why many banks grant more easily credits to female entrepreneurs, because they are more careful at details, more calculated and less appetent in terms of risks then men.”
The president of Catena Group advocates that the entrepreneurship must be supported by the state and by the experienced business persons all the same. She appreciates that „The credit offer must be better adapted to reality. Small companies find it hard to grow into medium companies due to their fear of assuming the creditation risks, but also due to the entrepreneurs’ reticence to delegate their competences to the executives”. Anca Vlad encouraged the young entrepreneurs to take calculated risks in business and to relativize more with „the men’s world”.

Misses Vlad apreciates that: „At the beginning ot the ’90s, I started with a capital that was equal to three thirds of a Dacia. Now, Catena Group deals with businesses of over 300 million euros. I’m very pleased by this evolution, but I keep on developing new ideas.”

The president of Catena Group declared that she founded the company Nutrition Research SRL, which obtained an invention patent for healthy products, based on fibers and vegetal omega 3 and which can be consumed by diabetics, but also by persons who want to lose weight. She mentiones that she implemented this practice and entered into the production with the aid of European funds. The first elaborated products are Nucita and Sante, with a lowered glicemic index., 2014