ZF: Entrepreneur Anca Vlad led the Catena-Fildas Group to a total turnover of EUR 2 billion in 2021

The Catena-Fildas Group in 2021 reached a total turnover of EUR 2 billion from drugstores and distribution, rising by 8% year-on-year, according to ZF calculations based on data provided by the company, reads an article published by Ziarul Financiar.

“2020 promises to be a year filled with challenges, the volatility characteristic to the last two years of pandemic being now amplified by the effects of the rampant inflation we are facing”, said the representatives of the pharmaceutical group. However, expansion and strengthening are still in the plan of Catena-Fildas management, for both the pharmacy chain and the drug distributor, the publication mentions.

Overall, Catena had at the end of 2021 a network of 900 drugstores at national level, and Fildas has 15 drug warehouses across the country. Over 8,100 people are working in total in the pharmaceutical group, in the two retail and drug distribution divisions.

Fildas-Catena is a group built over the past three decades by entrepreneur Anca Vlad and is one of the most powerful entrepreneurial businesses in Romania, ZF added.