Anca Vlad – First place in the Top 50 most influential women in Romania, 2018 edition

There are ladies who matter in the Romanian society not only based on financial power, but also based on the manner in which they influence for the better.

The Forbes Woman Gala celebrates, for its seventh consecutive year, the female side of business in Romania. At global level, women lead governments and companies, manage budgets and have an active role in a series of influence circles. The award gala is not only a manner in which Forbes Romania recognises the involvement of women and their active role in a continuously developing business environment, it is also the reflection of the seventh edition of the Top 50 most influential women in Romania, published by Forbes Romania.

Anca Vlad is the founder of one of the most powerful groups in the pharmaceutical industry, a business which was built step by step, in a quarter of a century. The Fildas group amassed a turnover of over 650 million Euros in 2016 and currently has over 6.000 employees. In a competitive market, which is constantly under the pressure and restrictions of medical and pharmaceutical legislation, the yearly increase of the turnover by two percentage points, as is the case of the group held by Anca Vlad, is a notable performance. The Fildas Trading Company entered for the first time in the Top 500 largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe, which was carried out by Coface, and landed position 355, being the fifth largest local entrepreneurial company. Last year, Fildas Trading, which operates 14 warehouses and logistics centres in the country, reached 1.000 employees. Also, Fildas is preparing a new warehouse in Iași, in Miroslavele, with an investment of 2,5 million Euros, and a new logistics centre in Mogoșoaia.

The Catena pharmacy chain is another solid business built by Anca Vlad with patience and tenacity. The Catena network amasses over 650 pharmacies and it is a leader on this segment. Massive and systematic investments in the Catena brand have paid off. This year, Catena was awarded the Superbrands trophy at the Superbrands Gala, as well as the Qudal 2018/2019 award, and Catena pharmacies are no. 1 in terms of quality and services.

Anca Vlad is vice chairwoman of the Businessmen Association in Romania (AOAR) and she has also stated she is a supporter of Romanian artists, one of her main preoccupations being the Senso Contemporary Art Gallery.

Catena organised, at the end of 2017, the cultural event OVIDIUS, on the 2000-year anniversary of the poet’s passing. In this context, there was a unique representation of the play „Ego Sum Ovidius”, by Ana-Maria Nistor, directed by Alexandru Nagy, with actors Cristian Iacob and Marius Bodochi in the main roles, a special artistic project in the cultural scenery.

Topul celor mai influente femei din România – Ediția 2018

Anca Vlad – Locul 1 în Top 50 cele mai influente, ediția 2018