Anca Vlad, on entrepreneurship: I have lived each day to the full, and I was not bored for a minute!

Within Romania’s Entrepreneurship Gala, an event held at the Sheraton Bucharest Hotel, the business portal, which is part of the Brand Media Production portfolio, and the Business Review publication launched the second edition of the “Top 100 Entrepreneurs” yearbook.  Numerous Romanian top entrepreneurs, leaders on their respective markets, participated in the launch event.

The entrepreneurs were assessed according to five criteria, each of them being graded between 1 and 5. Notoriety was taken into account, both the notoriety of the entrepreneur, and that of the developed business, the value of the business, as well as its evolution in terms of profit and turnover. At the same time, the number of employees, as well as social involvement, were considered.

What the classification looks like

The first place, with 22 points, is held by Daniel Dines, UiPath founder and CEO, the first Romanian unicorn, which came to be assessed at no less than 7 billion dollars last year.

The next three places, all having the same score (21), are held by Mrs Anca Vlad, founder and CEO of Fildas-Catena, Dragoș and Adrian Pavăl, who control Dedeman, the leader of the DIY market and one of the most valuable entrepreneurial companies on the local market, and Iulian Stanciu, the entrepreneur who revolutionized online commerce in Romania.

The 5th place, with 19 points, belongs to the entrepreneurs Gruia Stoica and Vasile Didilă, who developed the Grampet – GFR group, one of the most important carriers in rail freight transport in the region.

Totaling 18 points, the next three places are held by Florin and Măriuca Talpeș, the founders of Bitdefender, one of the top brands on the worldwide technology market, Adrian and Neculai Mihai and Felix Pătrășcanu, who own FAN Courier, the leader of the fast courier market in Romania, and Nawaf Salameh, founder and CEO of Alexandrion group, the largest producer of spirits on the local market.

The 9th and 10th places among top entrepreneurs are held by Dan Șucu, the founder of Mobexpert, and Dan Ostahie, who owns the Altex and Media Galaxy brands.

Anca Vlad, on entrepreneurship: I have lived each day to the full, and I was not bored for a minute!

Anca Vlad, the founder of the Fildas-Catena group, was awarded the title of “Best Entrepreneur in Healthcare”, within Romania’s Entrepreneurship Gala, an event organized by the business portal and the publication Business Review.

In the speech that followed the presentation of the award, Anca Vlad was keen on encouraging the women who took to entrepreneurship and her wish for them was to come to the point where they conduct relevant businesses.

“Right now I am glad that the word “entrepreneur” cannot be inflected. I really like to play in the boys’ league. I am proud to have succeeded! I would like to see an increasing number of ladies – by the way, 47% of us are female entrepreneurs, which is above the European average – to enter entrepreneurship more aggressively, at higher levels, with the boys! It’s not very difficult, just add one zero and then another zero, the figures are the same in the end”, said Anca Vlad.

The future looks just as bright

The Fildas-Catena founder trusts the new generation greatly, so she is persuaded that the business she has founded will evolve just as beautifully for a long time ahead. “I visited a store in Venice, which sold fabrics, and I asked the lady there whether the fabrics was old. She told me that the fabrics was not old, “io sono vecchia”. “Io sono vecchia”, but I am going through a hand-over process to the new generation and, fortunately, the dream will go on. Regarding the 30 years of entrepreneurship, I can say that I have lived each day to the full, and I was not bored for a minute”, said Anca Vlad. She also explained how she sees the role of the entrepreneur in a business, as well as how important it is to trust and show trust to the people who help you grow your business.

“Fortunately, my son understood very quickly, after two years, that his role is to facilitate communication, as we greatly believe in intrapreneurship. We all know that, unless we promote intrapreneurship – internal entrepreneurship – we cannot evolve as fast as demanded by the market and by life itself. Consequently, we facilitate communication – this is the entrepreneur’s role”, concluded Anca Vlad.

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