Press release: Senso Gallery- Good Life Art World Award from Forbes

Senso Art gallery received the Good Life Art World award from the prestigious magazine Forbes Romania, during the Forbes Life Awards Gala 2021, an event celebrating “beautiful life” and which enjoyed the presence of an audience after a very long time.

Within the same gala, Anca Vlad, founder and president of Fildas-Catena Group “a first rank personality of Romanian business and a legend of entrepreneurship” as the organizers introduced her, received the Good Life Personality distinction.

Anca Vlad, president of Fildas-Catena Group; Ana Andronic– Buzu, manager of Senso Gallery

“I am very gald to be here with you tonight. It is my first appearance in public since the pandemic started. I also had a revelation during this period: My God, what a beautiful planet we have! It was a 2-3 months period when I had the revelation of nature’s beauty. After it, obviously, the lack of a social life started to take its toll. It was a period during which I managed to reconnect with dear friends. Unfortunately, I also lost dear friends, I lost people with whom I had beautiful projects going. It is difficult to accept that this beautiful life, on this beautiful planet will eventually part ways with us. And this has surely created a different perspective on life: We must do much more good, we must grant more attention to things which seem unimportant, but which are in fact so important in our lives” stated Anca Vlad, when receiving the award.

According to Forbes Romania, the awards of this edition were dedicated to the brands, people and initiatives, that, during an extremely difficult year, created and honoured a good life, beutifully lived. Forbes Life aims to bring to the attention of Romanians the art of living beautifully, which does not necessarily means expensive things and luxury, but the joy of seeing the beautiful side of life, small pleasures, good deeds and all the ingredients which make up a life beautifully and usefully lived.

“Senso gallery aims and really manages to support Romanian artists and supply beauty, by innovative and creative programs”- this is how the organizers motivated their decision to give the Good Life Art World award, a celebration of art during a year when public access to museums, galleries and performance stages was possible almost exclusively online.

“We had many beautiful projects throughout the pandemic, which were successful and benefited from numerous audiences.” We also have plans for the future, such as creating a virtual gallery and a series of projects for youth and children. We shall continue to inspire, surprise, attract you into the art world by communication, creativity and dedication” stated the artist Ana Andronic-Buzu, manager of Senso Gallery.

Senso Gallery is supported by Fildas Art and Catena, by means of the program Catena for Art.