Swimmer Paul Georgescu, champion of the Lake Zurich Marathon!

Supported by CATENA, the swimmer Paul Georgescu, the fastest Romanian to swim across the English Channel, has won the 30th edition of Lake Zurich Aquatic Marathon, SRI CHINMOY MARATHON-SCHWIMMEN 2017, which is considered to be the hardest contest of its kind in the world.

An honorary member of the Catena Racing Team, multiple swimming champion and record-holder for crossing the English Channel, PAUL GEORGESCU, supported by coach Matei Giurcaneanu and his team, was clearly ahead of his competitors in the category “without a wetsuit”.

Thus, Paul Georgescu swam continuously 26.4 km in 7 hours and 11 minutes, almost half an hour faster than the runner-up.

The Romanian sportsman will face a new challenge, on 15 October 2017: the OCEANMAN final (Benidorm, Spain).

GOOD LUCK, Paul Georgescu!