Artists at Eforie Sud workshop 2011

Fildas Art Foundation, as organizer and Catena pharmacies, as sponsor of the event, invite you on Friday, June 10, 2011, 18:00 at the European Bridges exhibition 2011. The “European Bridges” project follows the relationships and the evolution of the interferences between the Romanian contemporary fine art and the European one. 

The exhibition includes paintings and sculptures made during the international workshop organized every year at Eforie Sud and then hosted by the Art Museum of Constanta. The works selected for this exhibition demonstrate a dynamics of the opposites, practice the mix of genres, resulting in an expression of the creative freedom in various ways, shapes and materials. This is the art of friendship, the art of love.

FILDAS ART tries to increase the interest in arts and supports women artists from Europe. The exhibition can be visited between June 10th to July 3rd , 2011, daily between 11.00 -19.00.