Connections and Signs Exhibition – Senso Art Gallery

The exhibition Connections and signs opened at Senso Art Gallery in Bucharest reunites six contemporary Romanian artists, at their creative maturity Anca Boeriu Marius Burhan, Gelu Costea Ditoiu Cristian Eduard Duldner and Vasile Tolan. Their gathering gives the audience the possibility to have a look at the contemporary art of this time, through six mini exhibitions, each artist presenting his latest works.

Connections and signs is a strong exhibition oscillating between the pure abstraction and the figurative symbolistic, exhibited in the generous space of Senso Art Gallery, the ground and the first floor, displaying over 50 paintings and collage. The exhibition offers six different worldviews, six artistic interesting comments about life.

The six artists Anca Boeriu Marius Burhan, Gelu Costea, Cristian Ditoiu Eduard Vasile Tolan Duldner belong to different generations, yet they are all well-known Romanian artists with a strong record of exhibitions and numerous awards at home and abroad.

Anca Boeriu Marius Burhan, Gelu Costea, Cristian Ditoiu Eduard Vasile Tolan Duldner

What approaches the six artists is the seriosity of the endeavor that they undertake, working without any problems, the unfalsified search of forms of expression compatible with their will of expression, but also with the contemporary requirements, the authenticity, the stage character in a continuous process, the connotative languages​​, the safety of the options options says Doina Pauleanu at the opening of the exhibition.

Opened this summer, the exhibition Connections and signs can be visited Senso Gallery (Bd. Unirii. 15, sector 5, Bucharest) until September 10th , 2014.

By Bogdana Contras