FILDAS and CATENA at Bucharest International Marathon 2013

16 representatives of FILDAS – CATENA Group from Bucharest, Pitesti, Constanta and Salontawanted to attend the sixth edition of the Bucharest International Marathon 2013 Over 8,000 people lined up at the start of the four tasks (marathon, half marathon, relay, popular race) in the Constitution Square. Within the competition of this year next to the Romanian runners also participated athletes from over 51 countries.

Since 2008, Bucharest was included into the international marathons circuit, joining the other European capitals that host such competitions every year.  

The winner of Bucharest International Marathon 2013 (42 195 km) was the Kenyan Chelokoi Victor Bushendich, clocked 2h14’05 “, followed by Ethiopian Mengesha Wosene Demeke (2:14 ’21”) and Kenneth Kipkemoi Kiptoo (Kenya, 2h19’27 “) . First place in the wheelchair race, marathon was won by Gigel Epure time 2h17’9 “. An important point of this test was to bring down the world record by a team of Romanian athletes (Vlad Victor, Gabriel Solomon, Stefan Oprina, Michael Baractaru, Florin Munteanu and George Dobre) for the fastest marathon run by a team of at least 5 people bound together. They ran under the slogan “Support Hospice cause ” record setting 2h54’14 “. Among the sponsors of the team there was also Catena.

The half-marathon section was won by Andrei Stefana and the women marathon Neri Tigist Worku from Ethiopia. The session half-marathon women, Paula Todoran won first place. The relay race was by the team CSS Locomotive Targu Jiu. The popular Race was won by John Zaizan (categ. men) and by Florentina Buga (categ. women).


Remarkable was also the participation of our colleagues. All those enrolled at the start of the popular race have crossed the finish line. Cristina Spataru (Catena Marketing Specialist), Stefan Balta (Chief Pharmacist Catena) and Eugen Francu (Archive Fildas, Pitesti) competed in the half-marathon, and Cristian Dinu (IT Administrator Fildas) and Eniko Szegho (Catena pharmacy, Salonta. Bihor) competed in the marathon (42.195 km), our colleagues managed to carry out the perhaps the most difficult race of their lives.

Cristi Dinu had the support of Vlad Matasa (Boot Camp Romania) who accompanied him throughout the race. Although he started at “The Race of Races”, he told us that from now on, will run a marathon in every different country.

Congratulations to the Healthy Hearts Team from Fildas and Catena for their courage, ambition and dedication!

This material was provided by Catena.

By: Oana Georgescu