About 300 cyclists from around the country lined up at the start of the Mountain Bike competition “Macin XC”, 2014 edition, a beautiful and spectacular event in the Macin Mountains National Park. Among them there were 50 representatives FILDAS –CCATENA GROUP, TONICA and SENSO TV, an impressive and redoubtable team. They all crossed the finish line after very difficult route, which amounted amateur 35 km.

FILDAS –CATENA GROUP was a “formidable team”

It all started with their colleague Andrew Branza (chief pharmacist CATENA waherehouse Constanta) who also attended this contest in 2013 held in the surroundings of Macin and Greeks in Tulcea County. His impressions and the power of example, also mobilized other fellow sports enthusiasts led by Mr. Radu George, Vicepresident of FILDAS Catena Group: “It’s a beautiful trail, mostly through the woods. They left the Greek village, Tulcea county, then the route has a flat portios at first and then climb the plateau 6 km through forest. Then follows a section on the ridge, with ascents and descents short and beautiful landscapes, then a long descent and reach up to the finish line … it was superb! ”. FILDAS –CATENA grup came to support the movement financially supporting this challenge, enrolling all wanted to participate, employees or collaborators, wearing custom cycling jerseys.

XC Macin 2014 

They wanted from the very beginning this competition to be more than a mountain bike. At the start-finish the fun was at home. Good music, tasty food, demonstrations kempo, bicycle tours and hiking, aerobics classes, fishing or archery contest – were the ingredients for a perfectly organized event.

The start was given near large rocks called Mary’s Stones, 2-3 km far from the Greeks. The two routes of 35 km (Amateur) and 45 km (Elite) were excellent, so we could compete in the best conditions. “We came out well” – said the organizer Silviu Negoita, “and routes were presented well after the rainy weather the recent weeks. We tried to have a complete event, not just a race and that’s all. If everything will be fine next year and we’ll make the third edition. “ 

Here are our “champions”!

It is worth mentioning the names of all participants at MACIN XC 2014, arrived from all over the country, for their merit, but especially for the courage to be enrolled in such a course, especially since many of them were participating for the first time. The remarkable enthusiasm of our team, good will and that no one abandoned, proving once again that “A healthy heart loves more.” So here are our champions: Radu George (Viceprsedent of FILDAS Group), Andrei Garici (CATENA brand manager), Dan Paun (illustrator GALENUS), Sabina Cărbunaru (marketing specialist CATENA), Cristian Dinu (IT Administrator FILDAS Bucharest), Daniel Ionita (coordinator CATENA IT Hardware), Ioana Bercaru (SENSO TV producer) Dacian Vaida (coordinator CATENA Cluj), Alina MIUTA Bidian (CATENA pharmacy assistant Bistrita), Roxana Berengea (pharmacist CATENA Bistrita), Elena Lia (pharmacist CATENA Braşov) Anca Ioana Dumitru (pharmacist CATENA Braşov), Aurelian Mitroi (branch director CATENA Braşov), Marius Aranghel (pharmacist CATENA Bucharest), Sorin Grosu (coordinator pharmacies Bucharest), Radu Mitroi (pharmacist CATENA Bucharest), Daniel Marin (Financial Manager) Alexander Costachescu (administrative Brasov), Valentina Onofrei (pharmacist Tomesti) Ion Mateescu (network administrator FILDAS Pitesti), Claudia Valeanu (Constanta branch director), Andrei Branza (chief pharmacist CATENA Constanta), Gheorghe Stefan (driver FILDAS) Lucian Melceoi (driver FILDAS), Alin Mon (administrative Fildas), Constantin Paun (pharmacist), Elena Paris (pharmacist CATENA Constanta), Elena Spool (assistant pharmacist storage FILDAS constant), Georgiana Taranu (assistant pharmacist FILDAS Constanta), Raluca Bunda (pharmacist Constanta), Veronica Constantin (pharmacist Constanta), Monica Nae (pharmacist Constanta), Mirela Rosca (assistant pharmacist Fildas Constanta), Mariana Daniela Staicu (pharmacist Engineer), Elizabeth Oprea (pharmacist tutor), Andreea Vlad (coordinator pharmacies Targoviste), Mihai Popescu (Director Fildas branch Ploiesti), Sebastian Dumitrescu (assistant pharmacist Campina), Ileana Diana Rosca (pharmacist tutor), Dragos Ionescu (pharmacist Gaesti), Irina Podoleanu (pharmacist), Doina Grigorescu (chief pharmacist Tagoviste) Catalin Burla (network administrator FILDAS Trading) Dorin Marin (Trading FILDAS network administrator). 

This material is provided by Catena.

By: Oana Georgescu