The Arthouse Exhibition Garana – Wolfsberg 154

Artists from home and abroad have met for a week in the picturesque village at the foot of the Semenic Mountains during a creation camp organized by the artist Elisabeth Lili Ochsenfeld.

“The theme of the creation workshops from Garana is the ethnographic and peisagistic value of this place, creating a series of works that, in time, will become the collection of a local museum, a project to save the memory of an endangered culture,” says Elisabeth Lili Ochsenfeld. At this this creative workshop attended the following artists: Belcin Radu, Ciprian Chirileanu, Cretzu Carmen Ileana Giusca Ene Bogdan Ene-Medinschi Andreea Niculescu, Camil Mihăescu, Renée Renard, Nada Stojic, Joseph and Nicholas Ungar Stroia in Romania, Blake Brasher and Judith Uehling of USA, Maria Cortese and Roberto Gianinetti in Italy, England C’Rell Dee, Veronica Elisabeth Geelen in Norway and, not least, Elisabeth Lili Ochsenfeld in Germany.

Tehe opening exhibition took place in the third day of the jazz festival and enjoyed a large number of visitors.